Daruma Taiso

  • Daruma Taiso

    Chojun Miyagi, the founder of Gojuryu karate, created a karate warm-up exercise. Although it was made for karate people, Tamano found it a superb calisthenics and thought it would be beneficial for the public. He rearranged it to make it better suit to non-karate people and named the new version Daruma taiso, which is a trade mark of Tamano. Daruma signifies Bodhi Dharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, in Japanese. Taiso means exercise. Tamano used the name Daruma because Gojuryu karate has its roots in health exercises that Bodhi Dharma taught.

  • Daruma taiso is done with a special breathing techniques that help make you healthy. It helps keep your joints flexible and muscles and tendons soft. Many people call it an exercise for rejuvenation. It is also a very unique calisthenics because you learn self-defense techniques from it since many of its exercises are derived from karate techniques. Some floor exercises are originated in yoga and Chinese health exercises.